1st Athens Investment Conference 2018

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1st Athens Investment Conference 2018

The role of the Greek Businesses in Future Development

The Technical Chamber of Greece and Vertical Solutions SA in collaboration with the Hellenic National Committee of World Energy Council and the Hellenic Institute of Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development organized successfully the Strategic Conference “Athens Investment Forum 2018”.
Monday, November 5, 2018, at the King George Hotel, in Athens.

The Conference was organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and Development, the Ministry of Environment & Energy and the Hellenic Union of Banks.

In the Conference, it was discussed the contribution of the Greek businesses and foreign investors to the emerging and new model of entrepreneurship focusing on growth, extroversion, innovation and energy efficiency.

This model of the innovative business is based on modern infrastructures, sustainable practices and mainly on the transparent relationships with the market and business community.

The main aim was to generate awareness and mobilize the State, the Regions and Municipalities through the Chambers for the design of policies promoting regional development, employment and social entrepreneurship by informing, mobilizing and actively engaging the productive forces and local communities by utilizing the best practices, innovative investment proposals, etc.

It was addressed to all Greek and foreign companies which examine the possibility of investments in Greece as well as the fundraising from banks and alternative financing adjusted to the new current financial requirements.

In addition, current topics have been discussed at the Conference regarding the existing institutional framework for supporting business opportunities and investments that defines the viability and extrovert growth of Greek businesses, with the main aim of answering urgent questions which concern the Greek reality in economy. The need for the productive capacity of the Greek economy to be increased in all sectors was highlighted:

• primary (mainly agriculture and mining)

• secondary (i.e. highly neglected processing)

• tertiary (i.e. tourism, shipping and other services)

The pursuit of the Conference was to promote entrepreneurship with the potential of promoting the extroversion of Greek businesses, retaining talents inside the country and creating sound conditions for the finance of business operation and high return on investment.

Members of government, business executives, international investors, distinguished experts and academics as well as members of industry units and chambers have presented proposals to enhance the competitiveness of Greek businesses, investment strategies applied across the entire production chain and modern business processes towards a development perspective.

The topics include:

A. International Experience and Contribution

• The definition of the geopolitical dimension and the development potential of the Greek economy.
• The exploitation of infrastructure (ports, airports), mineral and water wealth of Greece.
• Attracting foreign investment in infrastructure of a high quality and touristic interest.
• The study of the major factors which contribute to the national economy: shipping, industry, energy, transport, tourism.
• The exploitation of the opportunities for the development of the Region.
• Communication technologies as a lever for development perspective.
• The contribution of the Greek Stock Exchange in attracting and maintaining long-term relationships with the foreign investors and listed companies.

B. Greek Development

• The emergence of the role of direct investments as a central lever of the Greek economy’s recovery both through raising domestic capitals and raising funds from international investors
• The achievement of development within the existing economic framework and capabilities, of specific sectors (e.g. energy: electricity, natural gas, hydrocarbons, RES).
• Investments in infrastructure as key pillars of development.
• The increase of competitiveness of Greek companies and the enhancement of their productive and export activities with a focus on extrovert orientation and the choice of innovative specialization (pharmaceuticals, metallurgical industries, textiles, food industries, service companies).
• Innovation & Entrepreneurship as combinatorial factors of sustainable development.
• The importance of financing the industry through banks, foreign funds and the stock exchange market.

C. The role of the Institutions and the resulting Reforms

• The institutional reform, the investment framework, the role of banks as a cornerstone of the recovery of the Greek economy, as well as seeking alternative ways of financing and enhancing the credit-worthiness of Greek companies in the pursuit of big projects abroad.
• The regulatory and legislative framework for the function of the market in the Greek and European context in relation to the international-worldwide competition and the future investment challenges.

The main objectives of the Conference were:

• The presentation of proposals to enhance the competitiveness of Greek businesses.
• The formulation of investment strategies, fully applicable to the economy.
• The promotion of the economic, political and geo-strategic empowerment of Greece as a factor of stability and security in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The ultimate goal was to provide, by the participants, the best practices and activities within the context of sustainable development, as well as to attract investment for further empowerment of the Greek economy.

The event was addressed to representatives of authorities, institutions, associations and chambers, executives of the Greek and foreign financial sector, representatives of Greek industry and commerce, senior executives of public organizations and private sector companies, diplomats of countries from the European Union and the Eastern Mediterranean as well as countries where there is investment and business interest from and to Greece.

The event was concluded with a reception in honor of the government and political representatives, sponsors, speakers and distinguished guests.