2nd Athens Investment Conference 2019

2nd Athens Investment Conference 2019

The Greek Economy in the age of Development and investments

The Technical Chamber of Greece and the Vertical Solutions SA, in cooperation with the Hellenic Institute of Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development and the World Energy Council organize the strategic conference Athens Invenstment Forum 2019.

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019, Hilton Athens Hotel.

The Conference deals with the New Age of Entrepreneurship in Greece and the role of the Technical Chamber in the development of the investment opportunities and the possibilities of upgrading the present infrastructure, aiming at the development of the competitiveness of the Greek companies and the living standards as well.

The Local as well as the regional development are of the main factors for the improvement of the European Union Countries. The creation of a live development model with contemporary advantages presupposes the empowerment of the investment balance and the long-term attraction of funds.

The long-term target is to turn Greece into a safe investment destination. The creation of a stable model of development with contemporary advantages, presupposes the support of the development framework, the increase of economic flow of the Greek businesses, the right taxation and the proper manpower.

The subjects of the conference target at the investment opportunities in Greece that would act as a development tool for the economy and refer to:

• Investing in infrastructure as key pillars of development
• The development of the Greek industry (pharmacy, construction etc.)
• Emphasizing at the main factors of the Greek economy: Shipping, Industry, Power, Transportation and Tourism.
• Financing through the Banks or the Stock Market in cooperation with the insurance market, basic factors of stability.
• Intelligent cities based on urban and rural development
• Waste management, material looping and circular economy.
• The development of certain branches within their abilities and economic limits. (eg. electric power, gas, hydrocarbon, etc.).
• The development of infrastructure (harbors, airports), the country’s mineral wealth targeting at the attraction of investors for high quality touristic investments.
• Agricultural Economy: the agricultural sector in Greece and its future in the International markets.
• The telecommunication map, as well as the new technologies in communication.
• The identification of the geopolitical dimension and the development abilities of the Greek economy.

This conference presents the theoretical status of the presented data, but, at the same time refers to the realistic accomplishment of the improvement of the Greek businesses according to the new entrepreneurial model having as a moto the development, the extroversion, the innovation and the energy sufficiency.

The conference targets include: the activation of the main administration bodies, the Government, the periphery officials and the municipalities in order to establish policies that would promote the development of the employment and the entrepreneurship. The target will be successful if we manage to activate the productive powers of the local communities, taking advantage of the best practices and innovative propositions.

This conference applies to all Greek and foreign businesses that are looking for High standard investments in our country and founding of funds as well, through Banks or other issues, according to the new demands of our time.

The main point of this conference always remains the improvement of the entrepreneurship, the funding of the healthy businesses, the creation of those presuppositions that could hold the talented people in our country, as well as the high performance of the investments.

Governmental officials, investors of international appeal, academics, distinguished specialists, businessmen, as well as members of Unions and Chambers, present investment strategies and propositions on how to empower the Greek businesses, applying to all the chain of the Greek products according to the new ways of production and marketing.